Renewal Prerelease Campaign

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Renewal Prerelease Campaign
Renewal Prerelease Campaign News Top.png

Date: May 10, 2019
On 5/10 0:00, the Renewal Prerelease Campaign starts!
The live campaign will have a Renewal Prerelease Login Bonus and wonderful items received through playing lives as well as the implementation of a special Photo Ticket Shoot!
Renewal Prerelease Campaign Period
5/10 0:00 ~ 5/17 23:59
For the login bonus during this period, you'll receive 3 Crystals each day for 7 days, for a total of 21 Crystals.
Live Campaign Present Details
During the time period, LIVE Coin Drop Rate will be increased by 3x!
You'll receive 1 Prism Stone by clearing 50 Lives!
You'll receive another 1 Prism Stone by clearing 100 Lives!
Photo Ticket Shoot
When you challenge this 10SHOT Shoot, you'll have a 10% chance to receive 10 Photo Tickets! If you miss, you'll get back 2 Tickets ♪
People who are holding Photo Tickets should definitely try challenging it during the time period ♪