Renewal Celebration Campaign

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Renewal Celebration Campaign
Renewal Celebration Campaign News Top.png

Date: May 20, 2019
Campaign 1
Max 100 SHOT! Everyday Free Photo Shoot Appears!
Limited for 10 days! A challenge to shoot a 10 SHOT for free everyday starts!
Until the 28th 23:59, you'll be able to challenge a max of 100 SHOT everyday! It's a chance to shoot for free ♪

Campaign 2
A Special Live present to everyone!
"Kaikan*Everyday" implements the new "Special Live Mode".
The 4 groups appear in the song with beautiful 3DCG and you'll receive 1 song of your choice as a present!
The songs you can choose are here ♪
KitaKore "Koiseyo Otome"
THRIVE "dreaming time"
MooNs "Brand New Star"
KiLLER KiNG "Gokujou Fiction"

Campaign 3
New photos for all 14 members appear!
2 members will have a pickup everyday in "Kaikan*Everyday Pickup Photo Shoot"!
This time, Korekuni Ryuji, Aizome Kento, Osari Hikaru, and Shingari Miroku will appear as SSR.
SSR can evolve into SSR++ as an animated photo, so do enjoy ♪

The schedule for each shoot is here

These photos have a limited story included that shows how their new photo shoot went!

Campaign 4
Limited to 1 time! SSR Guaranteed Photo Shoot Appears!
【INVINCIBLE LIVE Series】, 【PHOTO BOOK Series】, 【CHINA TOWN Series】, 【Kaikan*Everyday Series】, 【BIRTHDAY PARTY Series】, 【BIRTHDAY SWEETS Series】will not appear in this Photo Shoot.

An SSR Guaranteed Photo Shoot appears where you'll be able to shoot with 125 Paid Crystals ♪
You only have 1 chance to shoot! It's a time limited photo shoot until 5/31 23:59, so don't miss it!!