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【Flower Garden】Tatsuhiro Nome Default.png

【Flower Garden】Tatsuhiro Nome Awaken.png

【Flower Garden】Tatsuhiro Nome
【Flower Garden】野目龍広
SSR Icon.png
Vocal Icon.png Vocal
Flower Garden Series Icon.png
Story x5
Released June 28, 2017 Availability Available
SSR++ Live Available
Acquire Photo: Flower Garden ~Pure White Prince~
Base Appeal Base Dance Base Vocal
Max Appeal Max Dance Max Vocal
King of Vocal Emperor of Vocal
Own Vocal statistic 7% up. Own Vocal statistic 10% up.
LIVE Skill
Life Guard
Ignore life reductions for 5/6/6.3/6.6/7/8.5/8.7/?/?/10 seconds.